The 5/8 cycling tights step away from the more technical looking tights to bring you a fresh and inspiring look. Slightly shorter than the traditional 3/4 tights, reducing the typical bunched up feel in the knee area. The tights feature a high and very comfortable waist band.


Made from an innovative and soft double face fabric, putting together the strengths of polyamide and polyester: this latter in direct contact with the skin allows moisture to be transferred to the outside while polyamide boosts its evaporation.

We developed the chamois in cooperation with our supplier. The chamois includes an AirPlus layer which will keep you dry.  The pad is specifially designed for the female body shape, and is neither too thin nor so thick it gets in the way. A well designed and comfortable chamois


Available in full colour or opt for a camo print for a more unique look.

Essential 5/8 Tights - Deep Blue